The Cultural Council of Cortland County was formally organized in
2000 by a group of county residents who saw the need for a
county-wide arts service organization. Individuals in the group had
been active in the former Cortland Arts Council and knew how much
that organization contributed to the cultural life of Cortland County
throughout its duration. They felt the lack of such an organization
over the past decade was detrimental to the cultural development of
the county. Thus, encouraged by the New York State Council on the
Arts to create a new organization, they formed the Cultural Council of
Cortland County(CCCC) in order to provide services to Cortland
County's arts and cultural community and to its residents and visitors.
These services are made possible, in part, with public funds from the
New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, and with funding
from the Cultural Resources Council of Onondaga County, the
County of Cortland, and individual donors.
The mission of the Cultural Council of
Cortland County is to encourage,
promote and sustain arts and culture
in Cortland County in order to enhance
and enrich the quality of life. This
purpose is accomplished by assuring
the availability of a variety of cultural
experiences, opportunities and
services throughout Cortland County.  
The Cultural Council of Cortland
County is designated as a 501(c)3
nonprofit organization.

President:               D
orothy Troike
Vice President:       S
herry Dans
Treasurer:              R
ickie McClure
Secretary:              Ji
m weiss

  David Beale
   Martha Beck
 Mary Coffey
    Sheila Cohen
    Rickie McClure
    Stacey Goldyn-Moller
    Peter  VanderWoude
    Jean Williams             

Ex Officio:   
    Jim  Dempsey       Dir. Cortland Co.
    Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Bob Haight           Dir.  Cortland County
    Chamber of Commerce      
    Adam Megivern    Dir. Cortland Downtown
         Gerry Ruggiero, CPA        
    Russ Ruthig, Esq.
 Write to:
                 Cultural Council of Cortland County
                      P.O. Box 5133     
                     Cortland, NY 13045

Board of Directors
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Cortland Arts and Wine Festival
Saturday, August 5, 2017
Courthouse Park, Downtown Cortland
10 am to 5 pm
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